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Solar Installer

Solar Installer

Thinking of becoming a solar installer?

Working as a Solar Installer offers a rewarding career in the renewable energy sector, where professionals contribute to the advancement of sustainable practices and help combat climate change. A Solar Installer's job involves installing, maintaining, and repairing solar panel systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

Solar Installers work for various types of companies, including solar installation firms, electrical contractors, energy companies, or even as independent contractors. These companies specialize in designing and installing solar power systems and often collaborate with clients to assess energy needs, plan system layouts, acquire permits, and execute installations. The work environment can vary from rooftops and open fields to complex installations on large-scale projects.

Opportunities in the solar industry are exploding. With the increasing demand for clean energy solutions, the industry offers a promising future for solar installers. New solar installations are constantly being developed, and existing systems require maintenance and upgrades. Additionally, solar technology continues to advance, providing opportunities for installers to stay updated with the latest equipment and techniques.

Solar Installers need to have technical aptitude and the ability to work with electrical components, understand circuitry, and troubleshoot system issues. Being fearless of heights is also important, as installations often require climbing ladders or working on rooftops.

Attention to detail is important to ensure accurate and safe installations. Solar installers must follow building codes, electrical regulations, and safety protocols to guarantee reliable and efficient systems. Strong problem-solving skills are valuable when assessing site conditions, designing layouts, and adapting to unique installation challenges.



Solar Installer Quick Facts


$48,000 – 92,000

Education / Certfications

Solar Installers can start with no experience and receive on-the-job training with a solar company. To work independently as a Solar Installer, a contracting license is needed. A Solar Installer with licensed as a Certified Solar Contractor(CV) and Heating Specialty Contractor (CW) can start a Solar Installing business and work independently.

Career Opportunities
  • Solar Project Manager
  • Solar Sales Representative
  • Solar Design Engineer
  • Solar Quality Assurance Inspector
  • Solar System Maintenance Technician
  • Solar Energy Consultant
  • Solar Researcher/Scientist
Is This Career Choice for You?

Solar energy is an exploding field and Solar Installers have the opportunity to grow with the technology. People who like being at the forefront of technology and those who want to contribute to improving the environment may enjoy working as a Solar Installer. Since solar panels are often installer on roofs, Solar Installers should not have a fear of heights.

Solar Installer